Decoy Sets Pages

These pages provide data sets composed of the native structure and non-native (decoy) ones created in silico for different proteins, in view to test the ability of energy functions to correctly discriminate native from decoy structures. These sets have been obtained by filtering the large number of decoy sets available on the web according to several quality criteria (see Gilis 2003 for more details).

Moreover, we have assembled a standard collection of decoy sets with the purpose of defining a common framework for testing energy functions under equivalent conditions.

You can now choose the table that you want to access and the properties of the sets that must be showed.

Standard collection of decoys Complete table of decoys

PropertiesYes/NoSort according to this property
Pdb code
Number of residues in the native structure
Resolution of the native structure
R-value of the native structure
CATH structural class (Orengo et al.)
Presence of other molecules in the structure
Number of residues in the decoys
Name of the decoy set
Number of decoy structures
Source of the decoy set
Rmsd range
Percentage of native contacts (%_ncont) range
Percentage of native secondary structure range
Fraction of compactness
Correlation rmsd-%_ncont


Gilis D. (2003). Protein decoy sets for evaluating energy functions, submitted.

Orengo C.A., Michie A.D., Jones S., Jones D.T., Swindells M.B. & Thornton, J.M. (1997) CATH- A Hierarchic Classification of Protein Domain Structures. Structure 5, 1093-1108.